i’m late!

i’d say i have a 60/40 rate! for events, dinners, weddings, meeting people, etc i’d say i’m 99% on time…with the exception of the occasional parking snafu or the curling iron crisis! if i have to meet the boy somewhere, or if i tell him i’ll be over in 10 minutes..that usually translates into 20..30 minutes
anyway…getting back to my original point…i sorta got side tracked yesterday with work and forgot to update the “wee bit of me wednesday” post that i said i’d try to keep up with! wow…two weeks and already a FAIL!
here goes!
{one}Do you always wear you seatbelt in the car?
in the front, always…in the back, not so much (i know i know..shame on me!)
{two} Do you crack your knuckles?
only when i’m cold or nervous
{three} What is your favorite flavor of gum?
anything minty – peppermint, wintermint, not a huge fan of spearmint though because its usually too sweet. my preferred brand is orbitz, despite their ridiculous commercials
{four} What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?
well thats a loaded question! i guess i only have one answer for that! that would be the engagement ring the boy gave me :)
{five} What is your favorite smell?
boat exhaust and ocean water. TOGETHER. don’t ask. its one of the most comforting smells i know! :)
{six} What is your favorite lunch meat?
nothing fancy…just boars head ham. it must be boars head!
{seven} Do you still have your tonsils?
yup! the boy isn’t so lucky though
{eight} Do you untie your shoes before you take them off?
{nine} What color is your car?
gray? silver? not quite sure…

oh yeah and…
happy belated valentines day!



wee bit wednesdays…

some people have said that i don’t blog enough 😛

on several of the blogs i follow through reader, they often have scheduled weekly posts following a theme in addition to their regular content.

so i thought i’d give it a try!

over at this blog the author posts a list of questions every wednesday called wee bit of me wednesdays…so here goes!

{one} what is your favorite breakfast food?
i hate breakfast foods…especially pancakes, muffins and french toast.  i can tolerate waffles, but each indentation MUST have syrup in it…and savory items must NOT touch sweet items on my plate! eating breakfast is often a battle between me trying to protect my bacon from getting a drop of syrup on it! so if i had to choose…i’d say bagels are my favorite breakfast food!
{two} how many pairs of shoes do you currently own?
really?  how many?? does too many to count qualify as an answer?
in my current rotation there are 2 pairs of sneakers – one for the gym indoors only and another for outdoor use; 5 or 6 pairs of f lip flops…do those count as shoes?  4 pairs of uggs…10+ pairs of tory burch flats (in my defense i share them with mom!…i guess they’re really hers since she bought most of them)…3 pairs of black pumps – 1 casual and 2 dressy…2 pairs of wedges that i wear in the summer…
thats all that i can think of right now…but i’m sure theres more!
{three} city or country?
CITY!  although i’m growing quite fond of the burbs where i work :)
{four} what is your favorite part of your job?
my hours…i work 10-7 so that lets me sleep in much later than most and it lets me avoid rush hour traffic!  (and there’s less of a chance of people seeing me belt out top 40’s when we’re driving at 60 mph than if we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic!)

{five} what is your favorite junk food to snack on?
potato chips are my weakness…so much so that i give it up for lent every year!  i also <3 pretzels and combos

{six} have you ever been mentioned in the newspaper?
not to my knowledge!

{seven} do you use post-it notes?
YES…they are my savior at work!

{eight} do you have freckles?
i think i’m starting to develop a few on my cheeks…nothing that a little foundation can’t cover

{nine} is it okay for men to wear pink?

{ten} when was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
about 6 years ago when i first started working!  i’d use my cute stationery and write letters to tina over in CA…hmm..maybe i should dig that stationery out and use it again!