hello summer

well summer made quite an entrance this year…

i do love summer….but hate the humidity that comes with it…

next week at this time the boy and i will be sipping on fruity umbrella drinks and lying by the pool :-)


Week in Photos #15

Last week was pretty uneventful during the weekdays…but this weekend was pretty activity filled!

Got a gel manicure this weekend.  The first time trying the Gelish brand colors.  Like most soak off gel brands (excluding Calgel) the color selection pretty much sucks.  The color I chose is called black cherry.  I’m happy enough with it…and saw a few other colors that I’d be able to tolerate.  But the selection is seriously limited!

Headed to lunch with the boy, E and NinjaCyn…surprised everyone and suggested we go to the diner instead of our usual, Viet!   I got two eggs over easy with Canadian Bacon and waffle fries instead of home fries…and a vanilla egg cream!  The eggs were slightly over cooked – resulting in less runny yolk for my toast to sop up.  I was not expecting the enormous pile of fries that came along with the substitution!  Fries were shared among all!  The boy got a Western omelette and a waffle.  Random? Yes.  Good?  Yes!


After lunch NinjaCyn and I headed to the city for IMATS!  This is the second year it is in NY…last year was awful…this year was less awful.  But we will definitely be skipping it next year.   Not until they have more vendors there.

On Sunday we found ourselves waking up early to go running.  Running?   Yes you heard me right.  Why?  Because Ivy, the boy, and I signed up for the Bronx Zoo 5k!  Do we run?  No.  Should suggestions/fitness challenges be made during dinner and (many) drinks?  No.   The good thing is that we were able to round up some running buddies!  We spent the day at Prospect Park where they have a 5k loop around the park.  It was tough.  I didn’t do the entire loop running.  According to my app, 2.6 out of the 3.2 miles  was spent running.  Which sounds about right since I cycled through my couch to 5k app twice.  The boy’s leg cramped really bad so he had to stop less than half way in.  Mikie could have lapped us if he chose to do another round…and Ron stayed behind with us chatting and catching up!

Lunchtime!  What better way to reward a hard run than with some good food with good company!
There was a decent selection of trucks to choose from.  We hopped on line to get lunch and only had about a 10 minute wait.  By the time everyone else arrived to meet us the lines were outrageous!  There were about 15 trucks in total and I think between ALL of us, almost every truck was tried!

The boy and I got lunch from the Kimchi Taco Truck.  Taco combo for him, taco bowl for me!  Rice cakes and kimchi rice balls on the side for everyone to share!  Ron and Mikie also got lunch from the same truck…although for the life of me I can’t remember what they got…except for a side of nachos!

It was pretty warm out so we also got drinks from the Kelvin Slush Truck.  Drinks were good.  Would I wait on line for it for 30+ minutes? No.

We found a nice seat (read: hogged an entire bench for the latecomers) right in front of the Grand Army Plaza arch.  :)   Stayed until around 5pm – thank goodness I went back to the car to get the boy’s long sleeved shirt to wear…I didn’t want to catch too much sun…and I had already felt my shoulders getting darker!  Too bad the boy and Ron didn’t do the same.  Can we say LOBSTER???  :)