my not so green thumb

Lucky bamboo plants are notoriously easy to maintain…but I have I have yet to be able to keep one alive.  After two past failed attempts, I think I should just give up, no? (thank goodness both times they were favors and I didn’t have to pay for them!)

Earlier this month the boy and I attended a wedding where the favors were lucky bamboo stalks. (yay?) We ended up going home with four stalks…I decided to leave three with his mom and I took one home to give one last shot.  I was told by the boy’s mom: “All you need to do is put it in a container and change the water every so often…”  Uh huh…yeah sure…
At home I found an old container and some acrylic beads so I plopped my stalk in and filled it with some water…a few days later one of the leaves started to turn brownish yellow and the leaves felt a little sticky.  *sigh!   I was ready to give the stalk back to the boy’s mom and let her revive it!  But I decided to pluck off the dying leaf and rinse off the whole plant.

Fast forward to last night at Shecky’s with E.  There was a vendor there selling these gel floral beads.  (I had purchased these beads a few years back online from a different vendor with the intent on incorporating them into the centerpieces for dad’s 60 birthday but that was a complete FAIL!)  This time the vendor here had so many more color options and had various show specials.  A lightbulb went off and I walked away with floral beads in 4 colors – pink, purple, black and clear and another bamboo stalk!

Floral beads can be used as an alternative to water in a vase.  The beads are about 2mm round when they are dry.  Soak them in water for 6-8 hours and they swell to the size of a marble!  Drain off excess water, dump them in a vase and stick your flowers in!  They claim to stay hydrated for 4-5 months (depending on the humidity in the air) and will slowly shrink back to their original size…and then you can soak them again to keep using them!

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking…


I headed up to bed after this last picture and 8 hours later…


I have a much smaller vase for the second stalk so I soaked much less of the pink/black/clear combination.  It still ended up being about double of what I actually need so I’ll just let them dehydrate on their own…or find another lucky bamboo that wants to come home with me? :)

I got purple because that is mom’s favorite color so I’ll let her decide what she wants to do with that one.  I am thinking of taking the pink one into work with me!  Hopefully these little guys will stay alive this time around!


And for those who know me…does it surprise you that I have the urge to separate all of the colors?!  I might just have to layer the colors in the vase instead of having it mixed like that!




i <3 the holidays…

christmas is my absolute faaaaavorite time of the year!  the lights…the decorations…seeing and spending time with family…the FOOD! (have i ever mentioned how AWESOME it is to have an aunt that is a caterer/event planner?!)

off to the city tonight to do some shopping with E and then to yet another shecky’s event! hopefully i’ll be able to find some more gifts!

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p.s.  maybe shorter, more random posts will make me blog more instead of long winded picture filled ones…we shall see!  although i know some people are still waiting for my aruba pics…