Week in Photos #15

Last week was pretty uneventful during the weekdays…but this weekend was pretty activity filled!

Got a gel manicure this weekend.  The first time trying the Gelish brand colors.  Like most soak off gel brands (excluding Calgel) the color selection pretty much sucks.  The color I chose is called black cherry.  I’m happy enough with it…and saw a few other colors that I’d be able to tolerate.  But the selection is seriously limited!

Headed to lunch with the boy, E and NinjaCyn…surprised everyone and suggested we go to the diner instead of our usual, Viet!   I got two eggs over easy with Canadian Bacon and waffle fries instead of home fries…and a vanilla egg cream!  The eggs were slightly over cooked – resulting in less runny yolk for my toast to sop up.  I was not expecting the enormous pile of fries that came along with the substitution!  Fries were shared among all!  The boy got a Western omelette and a waffle.  Random? Yes.  Good?  Yes!


After lunch NinjaCyn and I headed to the city for IMATS!  This is the second year it is in NY…last year was awful…this year was less awful.  But we will definitely be skipping it next year.   Not until they have more vendors there.

On Sunday we found ourselves waking up early to go running.  Running?   Yes you heard me right.  Why?  Because Ivy, the boy, and I signed up for the Bronx Zoo 5k!  Do we run?  No.  Should suggestions/fitness challenges be made during dinner and (many) drinks?  No.   The good thing is that we were able to round up some running buddies!  We spent the day at Prospect Park where they have a 5k loop around the park.  It was tough.  I didn’t do the entire loop running.  According to my app, 2.6 out of the 3.2 miles  was spent running.  Which sounds about right since I cycled through my couch to 5k app twice.  The boy’s leg cramped really bad so he had to stop less than half way in.  Mikie could have lapped us if he chose to do another round…and Ron stayed behind with us chatting and catching up!

Lunchtime!  What better way to reward a hard run than with some good food with good company!
There was a decent selection of trucks to choose from.  We hopped on line to get lunch and only had about a 10 minute wait.  By the time everyone else arrived to meet us the lines were outrageous!  There were about 15 trucks in total and I think between ALL of us, almost every truck was tried!

The boy and I got lunch from the Kimchi Taco Truck.  Taco combo for him, taco bowl for me!  Rice cakes and kimchi rice balls on the side for everyone to share!  Ron and Mikie also got lunch from the same truck…although for the life of me I can’t remember what they got…except for a side of nachos!

It was pretty warm out so we also got drinks from the Kelvin Slush Truck.  Drinks were good.  Would I wait on line for it for 30+ minutes? No.

We found a nice seat (read: hogged an entire bench for the latecomers) right in front of the Grand Army Plaza arch.  :)   Stayed until around 5pm – thank goodness I went back to the car to get the boy’s long sleeved shirt to wear…I didn’t want to catch too much sun…and I had already felt my shoulders getting darker!  Too bad the boy and Ron didn’t do the same.  Can we say LOBSTER???  :)


BonChon {reataurant review}

A few months back E was looking for a restaurant to go to celebrate her 30th birthday. She had two requirements – it had to be suitable for a large crowd and it had to be reasonably priced.
She thought that BonChon would be a good place because who doesn’t love some fried chicken?! So we were off to do a trial run. We were able to recruit another friend to go with us so we’d be able to try some more things. Luckily the restaurant isn’t in a really busy part of the city so i was able to snag a parking spot right outside!
The restaurant is two floors. Downstairs is a bar with a few tables in the back and upstairs is where most of the seating is.

We decided on an order of fries, potstickes and tteokbokki to start with and a combo of wings, drums and chicken strips for our entree.

The fries were great! I think they are double fried and reminded me of Burger King fries.

When we ordered the potstickers they asked us if we wanted it tossed in a soy garlic sauce or hot and spicy. We decided to go the safe route and opted for soy garlic. We were presented with an order of nine pieces arranged on a long platter. First off, these were obviously not potstickers. At first glance we noticed that they were clearly deep fried and not pan fried as potstickers should be. Identity crisis aside, we dug in. Two words. Not impressed. Since they wee deep fried, the skin was really hard and crispy, the filling was bland and the overall taste was overpowered by the sauce that they were doused in.  Despite the saucy coating, these were actually pretty DRY!

When the tteokbokki came out our jaws dropped. In the past at restaurants when we ordered this it was a small appetizer sized portion with about a dozen rice cakes and some fish cake slices. This time however was very different. The plate was about 14 inches across with a combination of rice cakes, fish cakes, noodles and cheese! A little overwhelming at first but we dug in. A little on the spicy side but we enjoyed it. A note about rice cakes though…they can be very dense and filling so if you have a small appetite, I’d suggest notbwasting any stomach real estate on this dish.  I enjoyed this dish…the presence of the noodles weirded me out at first…but  I got over it quickly!  My tolerance for spicy things isn’t all that high and the density of the rice cakes was quickly filling up my tummy…so after a few bites this was pushed over to the side.  (It made great leftovers the next day!)

Now onto the chicken…this is what you were waiting for, no?  I got a combination of the wings and drums and half spicy half soy garlic.  At this point I was pretty full already.  But I tried one of each sauce type for the sake of the review!   The spicy ones would have definitely been too much for me if I had ordered it for the entire order.  It was too overpowering.  The soy garlic was much better!  The chicken remained crispy even though it was quite some time before we actually ate it!   My brother had no problem polishing them off when I brought him the doggie bag so I’m assuming it got a thumbs up from him as well!  Each order of chicken also comes with a small bowl of pickled daikon.  I didn’t try any since I was already stuffed to the gills!


I don’t recall much about the chicken strips…which makes me think they were middle of the road.  I’d probably order if if I wasn’t in the mood to deal with chicken bones though.


I’d recommend this restaurant.  The menu isn’t too large that its overwhelming nor is it too small where you feel like the ONLY thing you can get is chicken.

E did end up having her birthday dinner here a few weeks later.  They reserved the back section of the top floor for her and it was nothing less than chaotic.  While I would recommend the restaurant for a normal sized party, it was a major fail for a large group (35 people!).  The chicken was still good though!

Thumbs up! (as long as you don’t have an obscenely large party!)

207 W. 38th St. New York
NY 10018




@ bcd…my own fishie!

not a real review or anything since i didn’t have my camera(s) on me…this was just a quick snapshot taken with the crappy camera on my phone.
had dinner at bcd tofu with a friend a few weeks ago…and its true!  they give everyone at the table their own little fried fish!  i wasn’t too fond of it because it was SO salty and had SO many bones…but my dining companion seemed to enjoy hers. i WILL be back for some more soon dubu though! nom! :-)


Jup She {restaurant review}

Neatly tucked in between Baxter and Centre Streets on Grand lies a little known Korean restaurant on the outskirts of Chinatown.  Yes – Korean in Chinatown.
The boy and I have been here several times before (I more than him) and we enjoy the place for what it is: decent Korean food.  Its definitely not the best we’ve ever had but it will satisfy the craving in a pinch.  Parking here is much easier than parking in ktown or Flushing.  I usually have luck right on Centre St.

In a rush to make our movie showing, we decided that we’d grab a quick meal at Jup She.  The menu is on the small side in comparison to other Korean restaurants I’ve been to.  They don’t offer the option to cook the meat at your table at this restaurant, which I don’t mind at all.  I don’t always want to walk out smelling like BBQ after a Korean meal!  Not all places have great ventilation.

Most people I observed ordered the bi bim baps from the menu.  There are several types to choose from on the menu ranging from tofu, pork, bulgogi, and galbi to name a few.  I used to order the spicy pork one a lot…that was until I discovered my love for soon dubu and I haven’t turned back.

As with all Korean restaurants I’ve been to, the meal started with the server placing some banchan on the table.  A lot of reviewers complain about the small quantity and variety of them here.  We have been to some restaurants that give you as many as 8-12 varieties.  I’m not quite fond of them most of the time, so their small offering was more than enough for me. There were 4 dishes in total.  They comprised of kimchi, pickled daikon, potato salad and a savory steamed egg custard.  The steamed custard was a nice touch and unexpected.  But overall none of the banchan were really memorable and we just picked at them.
To start with we ordered an order of the duk bokki.  Thick, chewy rice cakes and fish cakes slathered in a sweet and spicy sauce.  NOM!  I’ve made this at home a few times and I prefer my version better because I hate sesame seeds…and this dish is always loaded with them.  Also, I like mine extra spicy and its usually been on the sweeter side whenever I order it.

On this night the boy decided on the bulgogi bi bim bap and it didn’t disappoint.  He likes to let it sit for a few minutes after it arrives to the table to let the edges crisp up some more.  Sometimes we find that during the peak hours they don’t let the stone bowls heat up enough so your rice won’t get that highly desired crispy bottom to it.

I went with the soon dubu as usual.  Its not the greatest from here but I like it enough to keep ordering it!  The best I’ve had so far was from BCD in Ktown…but it sure is better tasting than what I make at home.

Thumbs up!

Jup She
171 Grand Street
NY NY 10013