Mango Mochi {recipe}

…or MMMango mochi as some would say!


lesson of the day: late night redbull & vodka gives me the motivation to blog…and book excursions in vegas and apparently makes my inner ADD come out!

since moving out and officially being on our OWN (scary, i know!) i’ve been forced to cook.  a lot.  too bad i haven’t been keeping up with the photography as well.

i’ve had my fair share of misses…but this hit was too good and easy to be overlooked!  and it also helped that i had awesome lighting in the kitchen that day!

let me start off by saying i don’t like mango.  but i do love mochi.  confession: at my local froyo place, i often fill my cup with more mochi than froyo!  what you don’t?  well you should try it one day.  really.   ok ok…back on track…red bull and i do not mix well.

and i lied a little bit in the title…maybe i should have called the recipe ‘passion fruit mango mochi’?  because the actual mochi is passion fruit flavor and the filling is mango.  whatever.  my nom nom. my rules. FOCUS!

in a nutshell:

  • we got invited to a luau themed 4th of july bbq.
  • mamma bear always told me that you should never show up empty handed to an event at someone’s house that you are invited to.
  • my OCD (ocd AND add?!  its quite the party over here!!) doesn’t like to stray far from the theme.
  • i had a can of passion fruit juice in my pantry that i was hoarding and frozen mangoes in the freezer (for the boy’s green juices).
  • i like bullet points.
  • a lot.

since we are double booked for the day (lucky us!), i needed something that was quick and simple to make.  mochi came to mind.


since i also have paranoia of my cooking not tasting good (and i like to self diagnose myself based on what i read on the internet…damn you webmd!) i decided to make a test batch yesterday afternoon.

they came out good according to the boy (see above note about the dislike of mango).



Mango Mochi {recipe}

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Yield: 1 dozen pieces

easy mango mochi recipe

What You'll Need

1 1/4 cup passion fruit juice
1 1/4 cup glutinous rice flour
cubed mangoes
cornstarch for dusting

What to Do

  1. add passion fruit juice and rice flour into a microwave safe bowl (i used a pyrex - makes cleanup much easier!)
  2. mix until combined
  3. cover tightly with plastic wrap
  4. microwave for 3 minutes on high
  5. carefully remove plastic wrap and stir - the center should be slightly liquidy and the edges stiffer
  6. cover again with plastic and microwave for another 2 minutes
  7. remove from microwave and stir. you should now have a 'dough'
  8. dust a cutting board with cornstarch and turn the dough out onto the board
  9. wait about 30sec - 1min until the dough is cool enough to handle (your fingertips will thank me)
  10. dust the top of the dough with cornstarch and form into a log
  11. cover loosely with plastic wrap (keep covered to prevent from drying out)
  12. cut off approximately 1.5 inch piece and form into a circle (make sure your hands are well starched so the dough doesn't stick)
  13. place some cubed mango in the center of the dough and pinch closed
  14. ENJOY!


feel free to change up the flavor of the mochi and fillings! the ratio is 1:1 for liquid to rice flour. i have used plain water, coconut milk, coffee, green tea and guava juice to replace the liquid portion of the recipe. if your liquid is not sweet, add 3-4 tablespoons of sugar to the mixture before microwaving. coffee mochi and nutella filling was an absolute hit! if your mango is not fully ripe, feel free to add a tablespoon of sugar to it and let it macerate. and be sure to drain some of the juices before filling the mochi so it won't get soggy!

important note – this is best made the same day that they will be eaten, otherwise the mochi might dry out and start to get hard.


till next time…toodles!



Week in Photos #12

Looks like I’m a little behind in posting!
At least I’ve still been snapping away! :)

I was walking around Costco during my weekly visit…and in addition to their usual sample offerings they had detergent samples!  Detergent, stain remover and brightener all in one little pod!  I brought it home and mom loved it!  So much so that she sent me back to buy her a container of them!  It makes it a lot easier she said so she doesn’t have to lift the giant bottle of detergent.

My parents were raving about this new sushi place they found in Bensonhurst…mainly because it is one of those ‘all you can eat’ type of places but you are not limited to ordering just sushi – you can order small dishes of cooked foods and appetizers as well!  It sounded like a place similar to where we went in Toronto so we decided to give it a shot.  It was only okayyyyy…concept is there…delivery is not!  And the wait was ridiculous!  I did appreciate that they had 5 different types of tobiko though! :)

Mutant apple???  Sometimes I bring an apple into work for breakfast.  I always cut up the apple at home…this apple didn’t turn brown after being exposed to the air for 2+ hours!  I got distracted and called away for something and left it out in the open…expecting to come back to a yucky brown oxidized apple, I was shocked!  Apple was Fuji if you were wondering!

I had to run to the mall after work one day to pick up a gift for Fi (who turned 2 on 3/26!) and as I was walking towards the build a bear store I passed by this in the mall….can we say EXCITED!?  Lets just hope that the sales girls aren’t as annoying as the ones in the city!

On a recent obscenely warm day for March I decided to go the liquid lunch route…and it helped that I had a $5 birthday credit on my RedMango card!  :)  So this cost me a whopping $2.15!  :)

And here’s a sneak peek at FiFi’s cake!!



Even though there is no longer a Yogurtland in ny, I am still going to write about it…

I could easily be a froyo junkie if I had easy access to one…quite dangerous!  A Red Mango opened about 4 miles from my office and luckily I’ve only been there once so far.  4 miles is a little too far to trek for froyo!  Plus, this location is a self serve one so there is no one to stop me from adding all of the mochi and yogurt chips I want! See what I mean by dangerous??

I’m so upset that there isn’t a Yogurtland here anymore…why you ask?…
Because two of my favorite things…fro yo and SANRIO are teaming up!


From the Sanrio website:

Starting July 21, you’ll find Hello Kitty, My Melody, Keroppi and Chococat at the yummy frozen yogurt shop!

The limited edition collab will feature supercute collectibles including a Hello Kitty plush dressed in a Yogurtland uniform, key chains, and t-shirts featuring all four Sanrio pals. You’ll also find them on Yogurtland’s cups and biodegradable spoons!   All the goodies will be available only at Yogurtland locations for a six-weeks.

More info here

So for those of you lucky enough to have a Yogurtland near you…and are Hello Kitty crazed like me…enjoy! (While I sit and pout in the corner :( )