Vacation! (sort of)

Next week the boy and I are going on vacation…sort of…


I guess this could be considered more of a ‘staycation’ (who invented that stupid term anyway!?).  We don’t really consider it a ‘real‘ vacation unless we are hopping on a plane and heading somewhere hot and sunny and we sip fruity drinks with umbrellas in them…know what I mean?  Since we didn’t plan a beachy getaway this year and our vacation days are piling up, we will be spending a week down in Atlantic City at my aunt’s condo on the boardwalk.   At least this will be MUCH cheaper than an actual vacation since we don’t have to fly anywhere and lodging is FREE! :)

This will be the longest time we are spending down in AC…I think prior to this my longest stay there was about 5 days or so.  The boy and I are not big gamblers but we will most likely try out luck out at the casinos this time around – he learned how to play craps when he went to Vegas last year and he said he’d teach me!  I’m sure the week will fly by quickly since I have plenty planned for us.  There’s so much down in AC that we haven’t done for one reason or another.  In addition to doing a lot of shooting I plan on dragging him to two light houses (one in AC and one in Cape May), walking along the boardwalk and the Pier Shops at Caesars, checking out the Atlantic City Aquarium, doing some shopping at The Walk, going to Steel Pier (I haven’t been there in YEARS…maybe he can win me another obnoxiously large stuffed animal!), spending an afternoon on the boardwalk in Cape May, taking a Victorian Estate Tour and having dinner at the Lobster House afterwards!  So uhh…yeah…I’m sure the week will fly by!   And we will be packing our swimsuits and gym clothes as well…the fitness center and pool at the condo have been newly renovated and I plan some early morning runs along the boardwalk since I’m still on the fence about the Turkey Trot.  The good thing about all of the activities planned is that most of them are dirt cheap!  Admission to the aquarium is only $8 and the lighthouses are $7!  I will just have to hold the boy back and take his wallet when he is playing the boardwalk games!

We plan on eating out about half the time and cooking the rest.  Recently the boy complained about my cooking – the nerve right!?  Saying “You always cook the same things but you follow so many cooking blogs!”  I should have thrown the stack of takeout menus at him that instant!  The TWO meals he has cooked me were tater tots and chicken nuggets, and a tuna/egg salad sandwich.  HMPH!  So over the next few days I’ll be browsing the blogs to find some new recipes.  Our dining out meals haven’t been finalized yet but I do hope to squeeze one casino restaurant in there…there’s so many to choose from!

Time to figure out what to pack!


six flags great adventure for Ron’s birthday!

The thought of Great Adventure brings nostalgia to many of us…mainly because its been YEARS since most of us have gone.  For Ron’s birthday this year we decided to take a Friday off from work and head over to check out all of the new rides (and some favorites!).

Our first ride of the day was Kingda Ka.  After waiting on line for about 20 minutes, the ride stopped running…an engineer walked the track and within 30 minutes it was up and running again!  Now let me say this…I’m a pretty big chicken when it comes to coasters!  I’ll go on almost anything but the entire queuing time I’ll have sweaty palms and heart palpitations!   And not to mention for 95% of the ride my eyes will be closed! :)

Kingda Ka was new for almost everyone in our group.  Its one of those straight up….and straight down rides.  I found this clip on youtube:

The two times I did open my eyes on the ride, all I managed to see was BLUE from the sky!  I’d imagine this ride would be even scarier at night…

And yes, if you were wondering, the dweeb in me youtube’d all of the coasters the night before!

After the ride we walked around a bit and got to see the two new lion cubs they have!

And somewhere along the way we managed to loose Ron and he was replaced by Super Ron!

Overall it was a pretty fun day…we lucked out with the weather…low 80’s with equally low humidity!  Always a plus in my book! We got to go on all the rides we wanted with minimal waiting time…with the exception of Kingda Ka, I don’t think we waited more than 30-45 minutes for a ride!

A day spent at Great Adventure isn’t complete until you blow at least $40 on the boardwalk games!  Here’s our loot:

You can imagine the antics that that angry bird came with…
We probably won’t be going to GA again for another several years…not much has changed since the last time we were there.  Cedar Point next year anyone???  :-)