Cleaning Up!


Its time for some spring cleaning!  Well….fall cleaning I suppose…

The boy made a good point the other day…a point that I’ve known for quite some time: I subscribe to WAY too many blogs!  So I’ve made an effort of going through and deleting a lot of the ones that I don’t read daily or just don’t like that much anymore.  I find that on a lot of the feeds I subscribe to that I don’t even read them…I just “mark all as read” in google reader and call it a day.

I’m thinking of implementing a new rule for myself…if I come across a blog I adore, I MUST unsubscribe to at least 2 of my older ones!

Cleaning out the clutter!




blog revamp!

i found myself a blog designer.

i think it was love at first sight.

hopefully in a few weeks i’ll have something a pretty new theme to share!  :)

and since i hate posting without a picture…
anyone know where i can get myself one of these?!


i think i need to take a trip out to mitsuwa soon!