Happy New Year!

{via} I hope everyone had a safe new years eve! A new year brings new beginnings.  I put my camera back in my purse and hope to snap more pictures here and there so they will somehow make their way to this blog! I’ve concluded that I don’t have much to post about because I […]

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where the hell have i been?!

…you know…just the usual.  hanging out with friends and family, enjoying time with the boy…and oh yeah – buying a house! interest rates are at an all time low, we were casually looking, and things just sort of fell into place – and rather quickly too! there were several months of arguing and going back […]

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Its been a little while…


Its been a little quiet over here these last few months! Here’s a little peek at what has been keeping us busy! Retail value on these All Clad pieces was $1,945…but thanks to sales and employee discounts these are going to cost us just about $850! Score! Can’t wait to take these for a spin! […]

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