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I’m a twenty something (yikes!) thirty something girl living in NYC trying to find my little place in this big world.

When I’m not working (technical project manager if you really must know) I enjoy cooking, crafting, drinking bubble tea, photography and spending time with The Boy.   My weekends usually consist of Netflix, dumplings and catching up on whatever sleep I can!  Throw in the occasional dinner with friends or a family event and that pretty much sums it up in a nutshell!

I enjoy traveling and have a slight obsession with Hawaii.  The boy and I fell in love with the islands when we visited for 10 glorious days in 2003.  Now older and wiser we look forward to the day we can return!

Characters you will find me speaking about often are:
The Boy – my other (sometimes better) half.  We can often be found giggling at our own inside jokes and finishing each others sentences. We bicker..we argue..we all out FIGHT..but at the end of the day we still love each other to pieces…right??
E – a good friend from college…she always offers an ear to listen – no matter how trivial my crisis is!  She is never one to turn down a cheap but good $5 bowl of noodles after a long day of work and chat the night away.  Without her, I would have never been introduced to the world of vinyl toys and kidrobot! Also known as my Bloomingdales enabler!
Pear – another good friend from wayyyy back when! While E may offer her left ear to me, Pear offers his right.  He’s never one to turn down cooking a fancy (or not) dinner or spending the night at a bar drinking our sorrows away!  We can spend hours on end talking about politics and nonsense.  We have agreed that we will never be on the same page when it comes to certain (many!) topics…yet we will never stop arguing about them!
Buttons and Zipper – the dogs…actually I should call them Buttons and Trouble!  Who knew that two little dogs could cause so much mayhem!

I started this blog to have a place on the interwebs to call my own and write about whats going on in my mind and in my life….to record the memories before my feeble little mind forgets…and to share it with whoever cares enough to read.  Its a little snapshot of everything from soup to nuts…its about my journey in life…and whatever other little tidbits I find interesting enough to share with you!

So sit back, relax, grab a cold beer vodka on the rocks, subscribe, and enjoy!  Come and take a peek into my life…